Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 13- Sewing skills

The Sewlympics!

We had the girls stretch their sewing limits this time at the Sewlympics. Since we were working so hard, there was no time for photos. Here are the events we completed:

  • sewing on a button
  • unpicking
  • threading a needle
  • threading a sewing machine
  • sewing on a sewing machine
  • hand stitching

Some already knew what to do, but some had done no sewing at all and really learned fast.

For our snack we had cut up green peppers in the shape of shamrocks and some cauliflower too (just in case the girls didn't like peppers!) Some hated both. Some loved both. The ranch dip helped them gobble it all down. Since I have no girls of my own, I love to see them when they are all chatting away and being so interested in babies, I mean Leoni, and. . . well . . . just being so girlish. It's great!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 4, 2010- Music

If Leoni's around after (or during) any activity, that's where the attention is!


Here's Jessica filling out her personal history sheet.

The girls are brushing up their music leading skills. Fortunately they all said they already knew how to lead music! The moms have really done a good job with these girls in a lot of ways. I am surprised at every activity at what I find they can already do.

Here's Angelina dreaming away to the lulling music.
Ashley fills out a spotlight form.

Morgan looks exhausted.
We'll miss Ginny. She left our Activity Days when she turned 12 on the 22nd and she's leaving for Reno, Nevada on the 31st. Bye Ginny! We love you!