Saturday, May 8, 2010

Museum of Islamic Art--Pearl Exhibit

Posing in the windows of the Museum of Islamic Art

24 April 2010

We went to the Museum of Islamic Art to see the Special Exhibit now on display. The Special Exhibit is entitled Pearls, and it highlights the history of pearls both in Qatar and around the world. We were able to see pearls from many different shells, and we learned that it is parasites/worms rather than a grain of sand that causes a pearl to form.

We had so much fun seeing how many different colors of pearls there are and not only jewelry but clothes, helmets, masks, shields, and even a carpet! The Indian Baraoda carpet was on display, made with over one million pearls along with other precious gems.

close-up of the Indian Baroda carpet

No pictures were allowed in the exhibit, but we still found time to pose before and after.
(Christine was able to take more pictures, which will come later.)

Brynn showing us her strength

Lily against the dusty Doha backdrop

Striking another pose

Sarah, Abbey & Brynn

Jessica & Angelina

Ashley finding out that even a seemingly little person starts to feel heavy after a while

Missionary Package Part 2

I did pull out my camera and took a couple shots right near the end of our prepartion of the missionary packages. Here are the couple shots: